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About Tactical Height Solutions : Sydney Rope Access Panting and Remedial

☛Welcome to Tactical Height Solutions, your go-to source for top-notch property care solutions in lively Sydney, NSW. With more than 20 years of expertise and a strong commitment to doing things exceptionally well, we specialize in a variety of services that make commercial and strata buildings look better and work better.

All About Tactical Height Solutions :
Sydney Rope Access Window Cleaners and Painters

Our Story in Brief: Our journey began over 20 years ago in the Remedial industry. Starting as certified painters and solid plasterers in construction projects , we've evolved into a versatile team skilled in mastering tricky rope access techniques.

What We're Good At: We're proud to have IRATA certification, which makes us skilled abseiling painters in Sydney. Our skills include thorough rope access window cleaning, specialized rope ACCess painting, and careful facade maintenance. Our team is made up of certified pros who ensure every job meets high standards of quality and safety.

Our Pledge to You: At Tactical Height Solutions, our aim is to go beyond what you expect. We're all about delivering results and being totally dedicated. We've earned a reputation as a top rope access company in Sydney. We're great at reaching high and tough places, making sure every project is done just right.

Our Vision: We don't just do jobs; we understand that each property has a unique story. Our goal is to help you keep and improve that story. With our strong focus on doing great work, we want to be your reliable partner in boosting your property's looks and value.

As you explore what we offer, remember that Tactical Height Solutions is more than just a company that provides services. We're here to make properties better, turning challenges into fantastic results.


 ABN: 60 647 872 973

☛ Work Compensation: ICARE Policy Number: 213154101 Valid: 31/03/2023 - 31/03/2024

 Public Liability: Brooklyn underwriting Policy Number: BXLC-LIM-2018-005415 Valid: 12/04/23 to 12/04/24


  • CM3 Pre Qualified CM3 ID: 75392
    Certificate 3 


  • Master Painter Member

  • Strata Community Association Member





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